By WowWee

Yup, we got them. Not a knockoff from China, not the 'Finger Monkeys', we got the actual Fingerlings that they sell in WalMart.
No, we aren't going to price gouge you for these and we aren't going to take a million years to ship either.
We're an American company (Maryland, USA), and we have a connection with our local WalMart (can't reveal too many details). So, we get a consistent supply of these on the side as they receive them at bulk prices.
Gigi the Unicorn is from Toys R Us. We are aware of this and we have a connection with them too. They weren't placed in the original product description because the vast majority of our acquisition comes directly from WalMart and she's relatively new to the scene.
We've done business for years. Here's a press release about a hat we made for Kevin Durant: 
These take about 7 days to ship and shipping is free.
We expect these to ship between December 1st-3rd if you purchased before 11/28 - and December 4th-7th for all those that ordered from 11/28 and after.
If you're sick of these stores being sold out 24/7 and you're looking for the real Fingerlings, look no further.
In light of questions and recent feedback we've received, here's some more information regarding these Fingerlings:
Q: Are you guys a WowWee approved vendor?
-No, we aren't. We don't make them. We're not affiliated with WowWee, we haven't licensed these products, and we are not a partner. All copyright, trademark, and proprietary aspects concerning these products belong to THEM exclusively. We are merely re-sellers and do not want to give off the impression that we are anything more than that. WalMart, Toys R Us, Gamestop and whoever else Wowwee has designated as vendors are the only partners.
Q: I looked up your website info and it says you guys are from Canada! You lied to me!
-If the web server for this site says 'Canada', that is because we are a SHOPIFY store. Shopify is a Canadian company based in Ottawa. Therefore, if you look us up, it will place the web SERVER this site is hosted on in Canada. However, we are NOT from Canada. We are from Baltimore, Maryland - in the United States. 
We hope this answers any and all questions. If you have more, don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter (@ThouArtClothing), Instagram (@ThouArtClothing), or e-mail - .
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